Venture of Indian Paradise Holidays


  • Take your time – There are always many, many vendors for every product. If you’re going to be in town for a few days, say so and take notes of the products, prices and places so that you can go back if you want. I always found that I saved money by taking my time.
  • First time? – Shopkeepers will ask you if this is your first time in India. It seems like a simple, friendly query but, in fact, they are assessing what to charge you. You may want to skirt the question.
  • Chai? – If you show interest, you will likely be offered chai to keep you around. It will be more difficult to say no.
  • Shipping things home – there are many stores that specialize in shipping your purchases home. Make sure that you get a receipt for your shipment. Word amongst travelers is that the system works well though I didn’t test it
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