Venture of Indian Paradise Holidays


  • Reservations – You can book by phone or email. In my experience, phone was easier. They simply take the reservation without asking for a credit card. Larger, chain hotels would probably ask for a card.
  • Ask for a pick up –  this seemed to work 50% of the time. When booking your reservation, ask for a pick up from the train station if that’s how you’re arriving. This is a wonderful service, especially if you’re arriving in the evening. The hotel pays for the pick-up. You give a tip.
  • Check your room – Before you agree to stay, check your room and confirm the price. No window? Ask for another or a discount.
  • Payment – all the middle and budget hotels I stayed at took cash only.
  • Ear plugs – if you are a light sleeper ear plugs are a good idea. Buildings in India are made of material like marble that bounces sound around. Staff in the lobby and morning religious rituals nearby can be loud.
  • Hot Water – in many budget hotels you need to turn on the boiler about 15 minutes before you want hot water.
  • Power – The power is sometimes shut off between certain hours every day. In my experience, two hours in the morning and another two in the afternoon.
  • Expensive Hotels – if on a budget, I enjoy these luxury hotels and their views for a meal or drinks.
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